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Joseph & Associates Foundation logoBy Tony Joseph

In 2016 we created the Joseph & Associates Foundation, so we could take our passion for people and turn it into real assistance for those in our community, and offshore, who need it most.

The foundation was an important step me, as I come from a long-line of community-minded people.

My parents, and their parents before them, have always lived by the ethos of being good to others. Joseph’s is a family enterprise and so it made sense that supporting people should be a cornerstone of the way we do business too.

We created the foundation as a way of providing financial and physical support to relieve poverty, sickness and disease, and to benefit the community by providing monetary, physical and mental welfare support for disadvantaged children and their families.

To date, we’ve worked with several fantastic charitable organisations to date, including: Te Mapua, Hagar New Zealand Charitable Trust, Aorangi Foundation, Rowley School, the Angoche Community in Mozambique and of course my parents own charitable enterprise, The Living Stones Summit Trust.

Each year we try to give both financial support and physical time to each of our chosen charities. We encourage our staff to do the same.

The Living Stones Summit Trust is one such place where we can be ‘hands-on’. A few of the team helped to build structures and helped develop the land so we can continue to evolve the space as an  environment for the restoration, motivation, and training.

For the team at Josephs, people and passion aren’t just marketing taglines, they are genuinely the heart of what we do.  It’s incredible to see the results of our support – the positivity, the purpose, the connection. And that’s just our team.

The smiles on the recipients faces? Now that’s something else.

In his next blog, Tony will explain how the Joseph’s Foundation is improving outcomes for the people of Angoche, one of Mozambique’s poorest communities, through the ‘Bikes & Boards” programme.

If you would like to support the Joseph & Associates Foundation, please contact Tony via All costs associated with the running of the Foundation are paid for by Joseph & Associates Ltd, meaning 100% of the funds raised go directly to the people who need it.

Summit Trust sketch

The Living Stones Summit Trust site

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