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This update from the Joseph & Associates Foundation is a special one – it preludes Tony’s annual trip to Mozambique. Tony is one of many Kiwis who, over the past 20 years, have given their time to support the community of Angoche. Tony shares his passion for Angoche below.

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Angoche gentleman happy with his new wheels!

Angoche gentleman happy with his new wheels!

This time last year I was preparing to depart for Mozambique to visit and provide assistance to the beautiful community of Angoche

Angoche is poor; the people there have very little yet their approach to life is infectious. And that makes it a truly wonderful place to be.

There are few things as satisfying as the smiles on the face or warm embrace of those we get to help. We’ve made some lifelong friends there. Travelling to Angoche is one of the highlights of my year.

When we go to Angoche we do so with a couple of aims in mind.

First, we aim to fundraise in advance of our trip so we can purchase bikes and boards for the local community.

Bikes help parents commute to their place of employment and the boards (blackboards) are used in the local schools to help with the education of the kids there.

The second aim is to be hands-on. Last year we assisted with the building of an open-air community structure; a space that allows the children to escape the heat of the sun during school time.

We’re off to Angoche again in a few weeks. We’re hoping to take $10,000 with us – each bike is $100  and each blackboard, $50. Our target fundraising goal will have a huge impact.  We’re hoping to take football strips for the local team to wear so they can be just like their heroes in proper football gear.  We’re hoping to be able to build another community space. To give as much of our time and effort as we can to make life easier for our friends in Mozambique.

To do that though, we need your support. We’ve launched a Give-A-Little page, we’re hosting BBQ’s weekly, we’re emailing everyone we know. The people of Angoche don’t have the opportunities we have but with just a small amount of help from you, together with the Joseph & Associates Foundation, we can make a big impact on their quality of life.

If you would like to support the Joseph & Associates Foundation, please contact Tony via All costs associated with the running of the Foundation are paid for by Joseph & Associates Ltd, meaning 100% of the funds raised go directly to the people who need it.

Angoche community, Mozambique

Football mad! Angoche community, Mozambique.

Joseph & Associates - Foundation 2

Commuter bikes for Angoche. Your donations directly support families by helping parents get to work.

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