Thanks for Helping Mozambique 2017

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By Tony Joseph

Here at Joseph & Associates, we have three core values: People, Passion, Results.

It’s from that first value, People, that we began our charitable foundation. The foundation provides a vehicle for us to give back to those who need our help the most.  It allows us to expand the impact of our day job. Our goal is to give hope, show love and in doing so, we hope to inspire and assist people in living their best lives.

Earlier this year, I was given the chance to travel to a location called Angoche in Mozambique. It was my second time there but this trip I was able to provide more practical help.

Angoche is poor; the people there have very little yet their approach to life is infectious. It is a truly wonderful place to be.

Prior to travelling to Angoche, myself and Joseph’s team set out to raise funds for blackboards, bikes and sports equipment. Many of our clients, colleagues in industry, friends and family donated generously.

The result was extraordinary. 100 bikes to help community leaders get around their communities easily. 50 blackboards that can be used to teach local children the written form of their own language, Koti. And football strips for the local teams, courtesy of Mainland Football. As you can see by the images, the local Angoche football team enjoyed receiving these strips – they even let me run a few football coaching sessions!

While in Angoche we also helped on a practical level, putting our building prowess to good use. We assisted with the build of an open-air community structure. This invaluable resource allows children, and others, to easily escape the heat of the sun during classes.

I left a piece of my heart in Angoche. It felt good to be able to help, to be of assistance and for that assistance to be accepted so openly by the members of the wider Angoche community. We’re hoping they’ll have us back again!

All this was possible thanks to The Joseph & Associates Foundation. We’d like to formally thank all those who helped us help Angoche.

People, Passion, Results: it’s what drives us.




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