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We created the Joseph & Associates Foundation so we could take our passion for people and turn it into real assistance for those in our community, and offshore, who need help most.

We exist for the purposes of providing financial and physical support to:

  • Relieve poverty, hunger, sickness, diseases or the effects of conflict or natural disaster
  • Help advance young people and their families provide through the provision of training and workshop
  • Benefit the community by providing monetary, physical and mental welfare support for disadvantaged children and their families and associated charitable organisations

We do all this with kindness and compassion, remaining loyal and committed to our foundation’s recipients.


We work with several charitable organisations. For 2020 we have selected the following charitable interests to support:

  • Te Mapua: A child and youth trust, based in Christchurch, with the specific goals of providing support and love to youth who most need it.
  • Hagar New Zealand Charitable Trust: An international agency dedicated to helping to rehabilitate survivors of modern-day slavery and extreme humans rights abuse.
  • Angoche community, Mozambique: We fundraise to provide bikes and chalkboards, aimed at improving outcomes for this community.
  • Aorangi Foundation: A Christchurch based sponsorship program, enabling vulnerable youth to experience NZ natural environment.
  • Rowley School: A small Christchurch school that receives our support for the good work they’re doing supporting their community.
  • Living Stones Summit Trust: A Christchurch based operation, Living Stones provides a ‘hands-on’ environment for the restoration, motivation, and training for those who would benefit the most.
  • WHoW Charitable Trust: A group working towards a world-leading aqua-sports park for the Christchurch.

The Joseph & Associates Foundation may, at the discretion of the Trustees, provide funding to additional persons or groups.


Funds will primarily be raised by the Josephs & Associates team through fundraising events, auctions, individual donations, partner donations. A significant portion is from the profits we make as a limited liability company.

All costs associated with the running of the Joseph & Associates Foundation are paid for by Joseph & Associates Ltd, meaning 100% of the funds raised go directly to the people who need it most.


The Joseph & Associates Foundation is not open for applications at this stage.


Thanks for Te Mapua, the Angoche Community, Hagar Charitable Trust and our other partners for providing these images of the real recipients of our programme.
Please note, Joseph and Associates has been granted permission to reproduce these images by our partners.
If you have a query about any of the images shown, please feel free to contact our team and we can point you in the direction of the source.
No payment has been provided for these images or to the people featured.

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