Heritage buildings require a unique and fastidious approach when it comes to restoration projects. Our passionate and highly skilled project management and quantity surveying teams have vast experience in working alongside multiple stakeholders from local authorities to the Department of Conservacion, Heritage Trusts and Heritage New Zealand.

Godley Head coastal defence battery

Built in 1939, the Awaroa/ Godley Head coastal defence battery sits atop a 120-metre-high cliff, and is ranked as one of New Zealand’s top coastal defence heritage sites. When the time came post-Christchurch earthquakes to look towards restoration, the Department of Conservation commissioned heritage experts Joseph & Associates to manage the project.

Christchurch Old Municipal Chambers

Project Description The Old Municipal Chambers building is of exceptional national significance due to its historical, cultural, social, political and architectural values. It is listed by Heritage New Zealand as a Category 1 Place. The Old Municipal Chambers is of national significance as the first Queen Anne styled building in New Zealand; at variance to […]

Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings

Project Description The Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings (CPCB) is of national and international significance as the last surviving purpose-built provincial buildings in New Zealand. It is listed by Heritage New Zealand as a Category 1 Place. The collapsed Stone Chamber comprised one of the finest Gothic Revival interiors in the world. The majority of the […]

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