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The Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings (CPCB) is of national and international significance as the last surviving purpose-built provincial buildings in New Zealand. It is listed by Heritage New Zealand as a Category 1 Place.

The collapsed Stone Chamber comprised one of the finest Gothic Revival interiors in the world. The majority of the CPCB complex and land are vested in trust to the Council to be maintained as a memorial to the foundation of the province of Canterbury.

These are the only Christchurch heritage buildings that are on the World Heritage Watch List. The CPCB were severely damaged in the 2010-2012 Canterbury earthquake sequence.

The buildings stabilization and waterproofing works were managed by Justin Roberts for the project managers for the stabilization works.

Joseph & Associates were commissioned to head a team of consultants to assemble and evaluate all pertinent information held that could form part of the insurance claim submission to support the Insurance Programme’s settlement discussions. Joseph & Associates a developed a high level cost plan and produced a claim summary that was presented to insurers.

Since then Joseph & Associates has been providing project management and quantity surveying services to Christchurch City Council’s Major Facilities Rebuild Programme managing the process from the stabilization phase to the planning and conservation phase.

We have developed and currently implementing  Stabilization Monitoring & Cyclical Maintenance/Management Plans.

Current works include early project development of the Timber Buildings restoration and Stone Towers reconstruction.

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