Project Description

The Old Municipal Chambers building is of exceptional national significance due to its historical, cultural, social, political and architectural values. It is listed by Heritage New Zealand as a Category 1 Place.

The Old Municipal Chambers is of national significance as the first Queen Anne styled building in New Zealand; at variance to the dominant Gothic Revival style of the period. The building and setting have been assessed as making an important contribution to the identity, sense of place and history of New Zealand. It has historical and social significance as the first permanent, purpose built building designed for the Municipal Council; now Christchurch City Council.

The Municipal Chambers were severely damaged in the 2010-2012 Canterbury earthquake sequence.

The buildings have undertaken deconstruction, stabilisation and waterproofing works following the 2010 earthquakes managed by members of our team both on the client and contractor’s side.

Since then Joseph & Associates has been providing project management and quantity surveying services to Christchurch City Council’s Major Facilities Rebuild Programme managing the process from the stabilisation phase to the planning and conservation phase.

We have developed and currently implementing  Stabilisation Monitoring & Cyclical Maintenance/Management Plans.

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