Comprised of a white water park, surf park and cable wakeboard park, the multi-million dollar Aquasports Park proposed for the heart of Kaiapoi will be a tourism game changer for the Waimakariri and Canterbury areas.

Drawing from deep experience in the tourism sector, Joseph & Associates has been at the forefront of this project from its inception, working closely with the Waimakariri District Council and local community.

Project Director Tony Joseph has been involved with the project in a strategic capacity since 2013, driving business case development and a preliminary feasibility study.

“We understand hospitality and tourism, We make it our business to understand how the sector is evolving, where the pain points are and how to avoid them, and where future demand and profitability lies.” – Tony Joseph

Understanding what the capital investment would bear and what would make the facility viable was critical , even at a pre-feasibility level. Key areas of focus for Joseph’s were (1) prioritising spend, particularly in areas that the public would be exposed to, and (2) simultaneously reducing the initial scale of the project and defining options for future development, by way of a comprehensive, staged project plan,

The pre-feasibility study is now complete. With technical feasibility, commercial viability and consenting pathways verified, the project has proved its straps and will move into full-feasibility business case development.

“The key to achieving our project goals to date has been strong relationships with consultants, contractors and the community. We kept it simple, listened patiently and worked together to come up with the best approach to each challenge. Turning each challenge into a positive solution will make this world-class development beautifully unique.” – Tony Joseph

The core team from Joseph & Associates:

Project Director – Tony Joseph

Quantity Surveyor – Jacob Webber


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