The brief

Majestic Church interior

Following the Christchurch Earthquakes, Majestic Church became one of many seeking to rebuild. The plan was to re-establish a vibrant church facility in the heart of the city.

The challenge

This project was about more than just rebuilding existing structures. The challenge became bigger as the team sought to develop a community space and to maximise use of the buildings for connection and worship but also to offer spaces for creative business ventures.

The solution needed to be multi-functional while maintaining existing functional and aesthetic elements of the original buildings.

The solution

A multi-functional solution was developed for Majestic Church with the eventual plan being to redevelop and refurbish 17 existing buildings. The church would utilise a large amount of this space for worship while also providing a Cafe and courtyard space for people to connect and dwell.

A new two-story admin building provides rental and investment income, making the most of the large inner city space.

Our role

Majestic Church interior

Joseph & Associates was involved in this project from the beginning deploying skills in strategy development, quantity surveying and project management. Chosen for their ability to work across these three specialities, the multidisciplinary skills of Joseph’s team were put to full use.

In a project to repurpose existing buildings at this scale, it was only natural that unforeseen deficiencies were uncovered. As issues arose, they were reviewed against a clearly defined scope, and the synergies of the in-house PM-QS team meant a swift review and critique of potential changes and amendments.

Creative, out-of-the-box thinking also played its role and well considered contingencies allowed decisions to be made swiftly.

Demolition, strengthening and enabling works to reinforce and upgrade numerous buildings on site was completed in late 2018, with the new church completed in May 2020. Timely client meetings, regular reporting, superior planning and cost management all contributed to the project being able to proceed with very little delay.

The core team from Joseph & Associates included:

Project  Management – Tony Joseph; John Craig

Quantity Surveying – Jacob Webber


Majestic Church interior



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